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Why we are different? - Our Benefits for Students

Go Global with English is a school for the improvement of the English language with a focus on teaching young learners. Our faculty and staff are fully trained to work in schools teaching English and to take on the responsibility of encouraging students to learn proficient English. Our teachers are not only experienced as teachers of English but also have the experience and expertise to be able to specifically teach English to young learners. We have a team of facilitators and managers who provide trainings and conduct observations of all teachers to ensure the teaching within the classroom is of the highest standards for teenagers and younger learners to be able to improve.

Parents may often hear laughing and vibrant activities being conducted within our classrooms. This is what we want to hear. Our communicative language activities allow learning to be conducted in a way that all students can enjoy. Our teachers participate in ongoing training sessions to allow them to conduct these activities in an effective way.

Around the school, parents will also be able to see on the walls and noticeboards the results of task based work that our students have completed during their class time.

Our young students and teenagers have a chance to participate in and enjoy various projects and challenges, such as interviews with foreign visitors, producing videos and competitions between classes to produce fluent English. We also have well equipped computer labs and are able to use the internet and other multimedia as valuable English.