About Us


Go Global with English was originally a project known as Go International with English which operated under the management of the Center for Continuing Education, Chulalongkorn University for over 15 years. In 2012 The Continuing Education Center of Chulalongkorn University, closed the project in order to focus its resources on the impending entry of Thailand to the AEC in 2015. However, the school continued under the present name in the same location with many of the same management, instructors and the same curriculum. Go Global with English recognizes the importance of teaching English for youths and strives to maintain the highest of standards while doing so.


Our mission at Go Global with English is to create high quality English courses that can instill in young people the confidence to communicate in English in all walks of life.


We believe that the English skills of Thai students need most improvement in are those of listening and speaking. The school therefore focuses on teaching the student-centered model of teaching. This method uses Communicative Language learning and Task Based learning  as a focus of our classroom activities.  The teacher uses the classroom  to act as a mentor and supporter to encourage students to learn independently. Within our appropriate classrooms of a maximum of 16-18 students, the instructor will prepare linguistic vocabulary and content to complement the language presented within a textbook. Only around 50% of our classroom time of  3 hours per week, will be focused on bookwork with the rest of the time being used for reinforcement of the language in a communicative manner that instills confidence in the students to be able to ‘use’ the language rather than just ‘know’ the language. The majority of our learning activities involve the usage speaking and listening by all students.


At Go Global with English, we try to ensure that the learning is enjoyable and satisfying for the student while recognizing the importance of learning being at the forefront of all activities. Our school is committed to being learner-centered in order to prepare our young learners for the future of English in the ever-expanding ASEAN and world communities in which they will be able to participate.